Aiden & Georgia’s Romantic Red Rose Proposal

  • City: Sydney
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  • The Experience: Romantic Red Rose Proposal

The Enchanting Setting

Aiden orchestrated a truly unforgettable engagement proposal on our private rooftop in the heart of Sydney. The stunning city views served as the backdrop for a romantic setting adorned with red roses and dancing candles, creating the perfect ambiance for a personalised proposal. With a red carpet entrance and a table set for two with wine and gourmet delights, Aiden ensured every detail was tailored to perfection. Georgia, unsuspecting of the surprise awaiting her, was led to the rooftop under the guise of attending a friend’s engagement party.

Capturing the Essence of Love

The genuine love, smiles, and hugs exchanged between Aiden and Georgia illuminated the evening as Aiden got down on one knee, presenting Georgia with a stunning emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. Their proposal was beautifully captured during a couple’s photoshoot, creating authentic and cherished memories against the backdrop of the Sydney skyline. As the sun set over the city, Aiden and Georgia celebrated the beginning of their journey into forever.