Lloyd & Chloe’s Romantic Gold Coast Rooftop Proposal

  • City: Gold Coast
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  • The Experience: Romantic Rooftop Proposal

A Mesmerising Proposal Captured in Gold Coast Sunset

Lloyd crafted a romantic rooftop proposal on the vibrant Gold Coast, complete with bold “Will You Marry Me” letters, red roses, and flickering candles that set the scene for an unforgettable moment. Chloe, unsuspecting of what awaited her, was led to the rooftop under the pretence of a couples’ photoshoot. As they stepped onto the rooftop adorned with candles and a red carpet entrance, Chloe’s breath was taken away by the breathtaking setup.

A Romantic Gesture Leaves Her Speechless

In a truly heart-stopping moment, Lloyd got down on one knee and professed his love to Chloe, presenting her with a stunning engagement ring as a symbol of their enduring commitment. Their joyous celebration was captured in a mesmerising video, immortalising the magical moment against the backdrop of a perfect Gold Coast sunset.