Marriage Proposals
in Brisbane

Unforgettable marriage proposals
in and around Brisbane City.

Incredible Proposal Locations in Brisbane

Craft an unforgettable moment against the stunning backdrop of Brisbane. At The Proposal Guru, we specialise in discreetly planning grand gestures in stunning locations in and around Brisbane.

Choose from our curated list of private, unique locations, each with a touch of Brisbane magic. Whether it’s riverside romance, city views, or the intimate glow of fairy lights in a private garden, we have the perfect setting for your proposal.

Rooftop Balcony
Southbank, City Views, Exclusive, 2 hour duration

Rooftop Balcony

Private Lakeside
35min West from CBD, Exclusive, 2 hour duration

Private Lakeside

Luxury Gardens
Premium, Private, 2 hr duration

Luxury Gardens

Magical Fairylight Tree
Brisbane CBD, Public location, 2 hr duration

Magical Fairy Lights

Riverside Romance
10 min from CBD, Private River views, Fairylight trees, 2 hr duration

Riverside Romance

Brisbane City Lights
City Views, Exclusive, 2 hr duration

City Lights

Home, Hotel or AirBnB
Classic Proposal Idea, Private, Complimentary travel fee within 10km CBD, 2 Hour duration

Home, Hotel or AirBnB

Story Bridge Lovers
Brisbane CBD, Story Bridge Views, 2 hr duration

Story Bridge Lovers

Romantic Rotunda
10 min from CBD, River Views, 2 hr duration

Romantic Rotunda

Public Park
10 min from CBD, Public, Weekday only, 2 hr duration

Public Park

How to Create An Epic Proposal

1. Decide on a style


Choose a level that suits your budget and vision. Each level doubles the styling, scope and elegance. After you secure your date, you can choose from styling options or let The Proposal Guru team create something unique for you.

2. Select your city

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Unforgettable Proposals - City Brisbane
Unforgettable Proposals - City Sunshine Coast
Unforgettable Proposals - City Gold Coast
Unforgettable Proposals - City Melbourne

3. Choose your location


There are so many to choose from! Rooftop, picnic, beach, rotunda, park, hotel…

4. Pay your deposit


Planning a proposal can feel like a high-stakes game, but not with The Proposal Guru.
We ask for a $250 deposit to secure your date but if you change your mind for any reason within 72 hours we’ll refund 100% of your deposit.

3-Day Deposit Guarantee

Our no-risk, hassle-free money back guarantee.

Planning a proposal can feel like a high-stakes game, but not with The Proposal Guru.

We ask for a $250 deposit to secure your date but if you change your mind for any reason within 72 hours we’ll refund 100% of your deposit.

It’s risk free, so secure your date now!

Forever Starts Here

Be inspired by these romantic proposal moments, igniting the magic for your own special occasion.

Lavdim & Kaylah

Lloyd & Chloe

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my proposal date is available?

In the proposal builder, you select your preferred date. Once you've paid your desposit, we'll contact you to confirm the date is available. If your date is unavailable, we'll provide an alternative date, a different location or refund your deposit. Don't worry - we're here to look after you so we'll do our best to make sure you get the date you need.  

Who is The Proposal Guru?

The Proposal Guru is not just one proposal expert, but a gang of gurus dedicated to creating memorable and personalised marriage proposals. We specialise in understanding your desires and preferences to curate unforgettable experiences that reflect your unique love story.

Our proposals include event coordination, support and proposal tips, private venue hire (where applicable), romantic styling and the proposal experience. 

How do the different styling levels work?

We offer tailored proposal styling options to suit various budgets, comparable to the range found in car models, with Simple, Impressive, and Unforgettable levels. Each level represents a specific scope and extent of styling.

For example, our standard Simple level features an elegant proposal setting. As you advance to higher levels, the styling becomes more elaborate and elegant, with each level doubling the styling elements. This enables you to choose a proposal that aligns with both your budget and vision.

Our transparent pricing ensures you know the exact cost for the experience you desire.

How does my proposal work?
  1. Proposal Builder and Deposit:
    Begin by completing the Proposal Builder and securing your booking with a deposit.
  2. Team and Location Confirmation:
    Once booked, we lock in The Proposal Guru team and secure your chosen location along with all your specific requests.
  3. Communication and Collaboration:
    We engage in thorough communication, answering your questions, sharing creative ideas, and brainstorming to ensure we capture your vision.
  4. Pre-Proposal Week Call:
    In the week leading up to your proposal, we schedule a call to confirm all details, address any last-minute queries, and provide helpful tips for your special moment.
  5. Customised Proposal Setting:
    Our dedicated team works diligently to create a romantic proposal setting tailored to your specific brief and desires.
  6. Arrival and Proposal:
    On the day of your proposal, all the details are in place. You simply need to arrive, make your heartfelt proposal, capture the moment, and revel in the joy of the occasion.

Our streamlined process ensures that every step is carefully orchestrated, allowing you to focus on creating a magical and stress-free proposal experience.